What causes it and how we can prevent it 

An off smell, a damp feel or worse… irritation on your skin and difficulty breathing. These are some tell tale signs of mold before they are visible to the naked eye.

Brand new items are usually sealed in specially treated packaging that reacts within its micro atmosphere to actively arrest mold. 

Once opened, a chain reaction starts. 

Air, carrying with it, oxygen, moisture , bacteria, fungus engulfs the item. Our hands, with natural oils, creams, virus or even particles from gloves transfer. 

Outside its protective treatment or environment, mold starts to settle and grow within 48 hours. 

Within days the mold will start to be visible. Once visible it rapidly matures and spreads in the air and the cycle continues. 

Common misconceptions are that an open ,windy or hot environment will not have mold. Mold is very robust and can lay dormant for long periods, waiting for just the right combination to start growing.

What we can do?

In an ideal world, all items should be kept in a constant 55 to 45 percent humidity and temperature of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. This optimum window prevents most everyday items from degrading. Allowable adjustments to be made for various materials.

Some of us are lucky enough to have the space to invest in customizable environment storage. But for most, living in tight city spaces, this is generally not feasible and costly to upkeep.

Is there no hope then? 

Of course there is! We systematically target each condition to prevent mold from taking over. 


Wipe down items periodically to remove any spores on surface waiting to germinate.


Where mold has started, neutralize it with natural or chemical anti-fungal/ germ formulas.


Apply special formulations that make surfaces uninhabitable to mold to prevent it from taking root.


Be mindful of environmental factors and cross contamination. Deploy dividers and use appropriate dehumidification, filtration and purification devices where possible. 

Remember cleaner items means cleaner air and better living environment.