Dear loyal Customers

Thank you for visiting our website.

Many of you have been our ardent supporters for years. By now you would have known that HauteRobe has been renamed LuxSaviour. From the beginning, we have been true to offering the best quality authentic designer fashion to you. Overtime, we observed the tremendous difficulties and hardship our customers face in the maintenance and upkeep of their precious designer goods.

We concluded the best way to serve our customers is to assist them in their bag care journey. We felt that everyone should be empowered with the necessary skills and knowledge to clean and upkeep their own bags. Hence the birth of Lux Saviour.

The two founders of Lux Saviour have more than a decade of professional experience in curating, restoring and maintaining luxury items.

We have harnessed our years of acquired knowledge and R&D to come up with a range of DIY bag care solutions.

Our mission is to empower all fashionistas with the right knowledge and products to maintain their luxury items. We are committed to develop the highest quality products to suit a wide variety of leathers and fabrics.

Our journey is continuous as we embark on more R&D and offer you more innovative solutions for your DIY bag care needs.

Thank you for being part of our journey.


Sheila and Michelle